●Palace Perfecting Ministries—the catalytic lead ministry of the Exodus Assembly formed to parent other connecting ministries. Apostle Gray heads this ministry through the power of the Holy Ghost and is assisted by the prophets of the house to nurture those who have been cast down, victimized and injured, and bring them to a place of prominence, peace, and principle that results from Kingdom advancement. People who submit to the authority of God actually experience quantum transformation from the spirit of poverty and low self-esteem to Kingdom righteousness and fulfillment.
● Sparkle Ministry—a very special younger children’s (ages 6 months-8) ministry designated to comfort and encourage children, providing counseling, intervention (if necessary), tutoring, and fun activities. The vision of this ministry is to keep the sparkle God placed in a child’s eyes before birth from fading because of home, school, or neighborhood intrusions upon the soul. The eye is the window of the soul; therefore, a child’s eyes tell of happiness or distress. The pastor of this vital ministry is Pastor Janices Murphy Brown, a former resident of Washington, D. C., the wife of Deacon Christopher Brown and the mother of a miracle baby girl.
●Village Ministries—ministry for youth and young adults ages 8-21 designated to assist youths through the crisis, yet pivotal, puberty seasons, to help them develop and maintain wholesome relationship with God, their pastors, and their parents in these seasons of life; and as they age, the ministry will assist them in making proper decisions that will mold them for higher success in life and love for God. Pastor Timothy Gray, Apostle Gray’s oldest son, heads this very vital ministry.  Pastor Tim loves children with a passion and has endured much pain and heartache during his pivotal years.  He is assisted by his wife Lady Sharitha Davis-Gray, his sister Jennifer Gray, and his brother Victor Gray.  Together they are a force to be reckoned with; and the children love them.
● More than Enough Ministries—More Than Enough Ministries (MTEM) was founded in 1999 by Elder Glendora Williams. It was birthed out of much travail and pain. A highly educated and successful woman of standard and accomplishment, a Jackson, Mississippi resident, and mother of one son who esteems her very highly, heads this very vital ministry The Lord began to speak to Elder/Prophetess Williams, who is now a cell pastor at Exodus,
concerning Exodus 36:5, the people brought more than enough for the work of the Lord. Not only was the Lord more than enough for us, He has equipped us with more than enough to serve Him and His people. We are to give back the More that the LORD has entrusted to us. More Than Enough Ministries began as a monthly worship and word meeting for increased spiritual growth and development. Some attendees were serving in local assemblies but wanted to offer more to their local assembly as well as the Lord. Many have ascended into the Five-Fold Ministry and God is using them mightily. More Than Enough Ministries conducts conferences and workshops on topics such as, but not limited to, Worship, Prayer, and Leadership. “Yet Will I Praise Him” in all things, is a lived motto of Pastor Williams and theme of the Ministry.
●Heal the Hurt Outreach Ministry—Headed by Field Evangelist Sandy McIntyre, this ministry combs needy areas of the City of Jackson and surrounding communities and ministers the Word of God, supplying food, clothing, etc., in impoverished and crime-trodden neighborhoods. Evangelist McIntyre and her team also provide transportation, if needed, to church, clinics, hospitals, etc. Evangelist McIntyre, the wife of Deacon Willie McIntyre, mother of six, and grandmother of one, is in the field of nursing.  She sees every patient as an assignment from the Lord, and is responsible for many souls coming to Christ.
●Exodus Kingsmen—a ministry expressly for men, designed to spiritually and naturally nurture them after their conversion, teach them family and civic responsibility, and utilize their skills in Kingdom advancement.  Pastor Timothy Gray heads this ministry, assisted by Minister Bobby Davis, who is also a key figure in the growing BETTER MEN SOCIETY, an uplifting organization of men who once were on the wrong side of right, but now bless the community with motivational words, food drives, holiday toy drives, carnivals, etc.
●Exodus Singles Ministry—a program designated especially for care and support for single men and women who endeavor to live a life of chastity and fulfillment in Christ.  They have also included in their agenda pastoral care. The singles’ ministry is headed by Ministers Alliceson Nance and Melissa Johnson.

●Exodus Ushers of Excellence—headed by Brother Damon Hoskins, the usher board was formed to assist attenders with their needs and to keep the environment at the church friendly and inviting so that the ministers have no distractions resulting from a hostile environment.

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